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Please see the following information outlined in our Program Agreement about disputes: Provider agrees to cooperate with Scratchpay in resolving disputes concerning any Scratchpay Payment made to Provider, including responding within seven (7) days of any inquiry or request for information from Scratchpay.  If Provider receives a complaint or inquiry from Client relating to Scratchpay (including a Scratchpay Payment or Scratchpay Account), Provider will refer Client to contact Scratchpay to resolve the complaint or inquiry, provided however that Provider may verify to Client receipt (or not) of a Scratchpay Payment. Complaints of any kind relating to the actual quality or type of service actually performed by Provider on behalf of the Client is the responsibility of the Provider. This does not apply to Client Complaints regarding payments for Provider services.

In the event that a refund needs to be processed for a Scratch Pay plan, you can edit the total plan amount from your Scratch Dashboard by selecting Edit to the right of the plan listing and entering in the new total amount. Reach out to for additional assistance.


Scratch Pay plans in the U.S. are issued by WebBank, while in Canada, they are issued by ©Scratch Financial, Inc. ©Scratchpay (NMLS ID#: 1582666). Eligibility is required for these loan products, and Scratch Pay plans may not be available in all states.