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Adjusting a Client's Scratch Pay Plan Amount

You may adjust a Scratch Pay plan that has already been finalized to a lower amount at any time. To do so, select the Edit button to the right of the plan listing on your Scratch Dashboard, which will initiate a pop-up window.

Update the Requested New Total Amount to the total client funding needed (with the adjustment included in that total), then give a brief description of these updates in the Write Details Here section.

Negative adjustments to Scratch Pay plans will be shown on their corresponding date in your dashboard reporting and will be debited from your linked bank account accordingly.


Scratch Pay plans in the U.S. are issued by WebBank, while in Canada, they are issued by ©Scratch Financial, Inc. ©Scratchpay (NMLS ID#: 1582666). Eligibility is required for these loan products, and Scratch Pay plans may not be available in all states.